Penalty Challenge

Prepare for an extraordinary soccer experience with Penalty Challenge, a dynamic bundle that offers two captivating games in a single package. Step into the world of penalty-taking and penalty-saving as you embark on an exhilarating journey. Begin by selecting your preferred country and game mode. From there, immerse yourself in the classic penalty shootout format, alternating between the roles of an outfielder and a goalie. The stakes are high as you compete to be the first to reach five points, but will you be able to keep your nerves in check? Unleash your skills with a perfect blend of accuracy and power during the shots, ensuring that the ball doesn't go astray. Swipe the screen to kick the ball with precision. As the goalie, click the screen and skillfully move the gloves using the cursor. Get ready for the Penalty Challenge and prove yourself on the field!

How to Play

In the thrilling first game of Penalty Challenge, you take on the role of the penalty taker. Choose your desired country and step up to the spot. As you prepare to strike the ball, finding the ideal balance between accuracy and power is crucial. It's essential not to overexert your shot, as too much power may result in the ball soaring into the stands. Channel your focus, aim true, and unleash your shot with finesse. Outwit the goalie with your precise placement and technique. The pressure is on, and your ability to seize the moment will determine the outcome. Can you lead your team to victory with your expert penalty-taking skills?


  • Take penalties
  • Classic penalty shootout
  • Swipe the screen to kick the ball


Drag left mouse button to kick

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