Aces and Kings Solitaire

Aces and Kings is a challenging yet captivating solitaire game that is played with two decks of regular playing cards. The object of the game is to shift all cards, regardless of suit, from A to K and from K to A. Eight empty foundations will first emerge in the center of the screen as the game begins. 13 face-up cards will be dealt to each of the two reserve piles above the foundations. While one face-up card will be dealt to each of the four tableau piles at the bottom right of the foundations. One face-up card will be dealt to the discard pile to the right of the stock pile, and the remaining cards will be dealt face-down to the stock pile at the bottom left of the screen. Regardless of suites, the four foundations on the left are to be constructed up from A to K, and the four foundations on the right are to be built down from K to A. Only one card may be placed in each tableau pile. When a tableau pile is finished, The stock pile's top card will be transferred face-up to the available slot. Any card can be moved to an empty tableau pile if the stock pile runs out of cards. You can always transfer the top card from the discard pile, the top card from the reserve pile, or a card from the tableau pile to a foundation. In accordance with the foundation's construction regulations, the top card may be transferred to another foundation. Clicking the stock pile will deal a fresh card to the discard pile once you have used all of your actions. However, you lose if the stock pile runs out and you are unable to make any further movements. The keys to improving your chances of winning are to carefully use the cards on the foundations and make tactical moves across.

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