Solitaire Fortune

You simply need a little patience to finish and match all the cards in the enjoyable and simple card game Solitaire Fortune. Enjoy this game in a leisurely manner, hoping for good luck on each card draw to keep you engaged and interested while you play.

How To Play

Entering the game, you will experience playing cards easily. You just need to be patient for a little while to complete all the cards. Enjoy this game to the fullest in the most relaxing and comfortable way possible. You can concentrate and have a lot of luck when drawing cards. This will definitely help you entertain and enjoy a new space when playing.


  • Match all the cards
  • Can switch to new game
  • Settings so you can adjust as you like
  • Extremely entertaining sound

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By fusing aspects of arcade game with the cherished card game fundamentals, Solitaire Fortune Arcade offers a fresh take on the traditional Solitaire game. Players must swiftly empty the deck of cards in order to gain high scores and move up the scoreboard in this frantic and thrilling game.


Drag the left mouse button to place the cards.

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