Vex 3

The third platform game in the Vex series is called Vex 3. The game has many unexpected turns, and each level requires navigating a maze of hazardous obstacles and traps. To go to the next act, avoid the spinning blades, spikes, and traps.

How to Play Vex 3

You must complete each act of Vex 3 in order to proceed through it. That requires dodging the lethal traps and equipment placed throughout each level. You'll be transported back to the closest checkpoint if you are killed by one of these lethal devices. The next step is to determine how to get over the difficulty-causing impediment.


  • Challenging yet addictive gameplay
  • A range of puzzles to navigate through
  • Bonus levels and achievements for your progress
  • 10 standard levels and 9 additional challenge acts

Volex Series

One of the most well-known stickman games is called Vex. The Vex game series' gameplay concepts are similar to those of the infamously challenging N game series, which first appeared in 2004.

A Flash game called Vex was first launched in 2013. The most recent game in the Vex series is Vex 4, and Vex 5 is about to be available.

Game Controls

  • PRESS UP to jump.
  • PRESS LEFT to run left. 
  • PRESS RIGHT to run right.  
  • PRESS DOWN to slide while running. 


Without Flash player, where can I play Vex 3?

On FrienzyGame, Vex 3 is playable in HTML5.

Is Vex 3 challenging?

The difficult game Vex 3 puts your decision-making, reflexes, and problem-solving abilities to the test.

Where do I find the most recent Vex game?

On FrienzyGame, you may play the most recent Vex. Vex 4 is the most recent Vex game available on FrienzyGame, and Vex 5 is planned for the future.

When did Vex 3 come out?

Released in August 2014 was Vex 3.

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