The Spear Stickman

You engage in projectile battle in the quick-paced stick game The Spear Stickman. You play as a stickman with just a spear, and your objective is to kill any other stickmen that try to kill you by randomly appearing on various platforms. To defeat your adversary, you must swiftly aim and modify the angle of your fire using the mouse. Depending on where on the stickmen's body you strike them, more bullets are needed; for instance, a headshot instantly ends the game. Aim cautiously since it will take several arrows to kill your opponent with a shot to the leg. Apple coins, which may be used to enhance your equipment like a metal helmet or even a Marion-style mushroom helmet, are produced as you kill more stickmen. How many stickmen will you kill and how long will you survive? To get the most enjoyment out of this game, play with your friends.

How do you play The Stickman Spear?

To shoot, release the left mouse button after dragging it.

Who is The Spear Stickman's creator?

Maximiliano Demonte produced The Spear Stickman in July 2017.

Can I use my phone or computer to play The Spear Stickman?

On Frienzygame, you can play The Spear Stickman for free on both your PC and your mobile device: Stickman with a spear

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