Stickman Hook

In the skill game Stickman Hook, you control a stickman that swings across a large number of difficult stages. Over 100 difficult levels are available in this entertaining, vibrant stickman game. Along the way, discover special characters that change things up while you swing. To reach the finish line, pay attention to the angle and direction of your swing. Can you manage the swing?

What are the insider secrets?

Don't let every hook catch your attention. Not all of them are required to complete the race.
If you are unable to see yourself, you could still be swinging. You have a chance as long as you have a line to a hook!

Stickman Hook: How Do I Play?

Left mouse button and spacebar: hold to swing

How many levels does Stickman Hook have?

The online version of Stickman Hook has 100 levels to play.

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