Slime Clicker

To collect various slugs and raise their levels so you may harvest more gold from them, is your objective. - In the game, there are many rarity classifications. - Different rarity classifications of slimes have varying probabilities of appearing. Each slug has an own timer that must be met in order to be caught. - The more gold coins you acquire from a slug, the quicker you capture it. - The slug's level controls how many coins it will create and how much health it will have. Don't forget to level up your hunter and enhance them to collect slugs quicker for more gold coins!

How to play

In Slime Clicker, master the craft of slug gathering and gold extraction. Focus on increasing their levels as you try to collect a wide variety of slugs so they may reach their maximum potential. A slug's level determines how many coins it will produce and how strong it will get. You may optimize your gold harvest and go farther in the game by wisely managing your resources and effectively leveling up your hunter. You go one step closer to being the ultimate slime collector with every slug you catch.


  • Buy click and auto-click upgrades
  • Unlock achievements to discover new things and be cool
  • Complete quests to make your progress even faster


Use the left mouse button to click on the slime.

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