Funny Battle Simulator 2

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Funny combat Simulator 2, a game that blurs the limits between simulator, gun, and knight, combat, and war games. As the commanding army commander in this action-packed adventure, you are thrust into a battlefield rife with turmoil and excitement.

How to Play

Create a diversified army

Consider unit costs and maximum capacity as you build your army. Elephants and bears may be added, although bears with miniguns take up the most room and are the most expensive.

Strategically position your forces

The mobility of your units is impacted by the terrain. Sand slows mobility, ice speeds it up, while tall grass renders you invisible to gunfire. In any case, as the fight starts, mayhem breaks out.


  • Place a variety of units tactically
  • Watch the funny battle unfold
  • Incremental level-up system
  • Give your attention for greater rewards

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Immerse yourself in the riveting world of Funny Battle Simulator 2, a game that straddles the lines of action games, battle games, knight games, archery games, simulator games, and gun games. This action-packed adventure plunges you into a battlefield brimming with chaos and excitement as you take on the role of a commanding army general.


  • Left mouse button = create a unit
  • Right mouse button + CTRL = delete unit
  • WASD = standard movement
  • WASD + Right mouse button (Hold) = alternative move
  • Shift = speed up movement
  • Q / E = rotate the camera
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