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Fish Eat Fish

In the vast expanse of the underwater world, the rule of nature prevails: larger creatures devour the smaller ones. This truth is vividly depicted in Fish Eat Fish, a colorful and whimsical oceanic escapade. Assume the role of an anglerfish with an insatiable appetite, navigating through the depths. Your sole purpose is to swim and devour everything in your path. This is crucial, as you share the ocean with numerous other voracious and colossal fish species. Through skillful swimming, you must prove that you are the hungriest predator and ascend to the top of the underwater food chain.

How to Play

Fish Eat Fish is a 2D arcade-style game that can be played using a keyboard and mouse. The controls may vary depending on the number of players participating locally. Player 1 utilizes the Arrow Keys, Player 2 employs the WASD keys, and Player 3 operates with the mouse. Your objective is to navigate your anglerfish within a confined section of the ocean depths. Devour as many fish as possible to become the largest predator in the water.

To grow in size, you must consume smaller fish. Initially, you start as the second smallest fish and can only devour the tiniest ones. By swimming into other fish, you gradually increase in size. Beware of the constant presence of much larger fish, traversing the screen from side to side. Any contact with them spells your elimination, forcing you to restart as the second smallest fish once again.


  • Customizable fish's color
  • Variety of fishes in the sea
  • The fishes are coming in different sides


Player 1

Use arrows

Player 2

Use the WASD keys

Player 3

Use the mouse

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