Yummy Tales 2

Yummy Tales 2 is the ideal blend of kid-friendly games and brainteasers. Welcome to its lively universe. Match 3 games are served up on a mouthwatering plate in this delicious sequel, along with a vibrant assortment of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables.

Oscar is the cute little dog that will be your lovely guide throughout this wonderful trip. Oscar is gifted with a quick mind and a keen nose for solving riddles. His purpose? pairing three or more identical fruits or vegetables can help you satisfy your adorable assortment of farm animals. Even while the game's amazing collection of over 900 levels starts off with simple guidelines, as you go, you'll find that each problem develops into a brainteaser that puts your capacity for strategic thought to the test. 

Clearing the board is only one aspect of Yummy Tales 2's gameplay; time management and strategy are also emphasized. Back to the beginning if your moves run out before you can feed every animal on your farm! But don't worry, my dear gamer. Every challenge is a chance for growth and learning, which makes every success that more sweeter.

Along with its wild gameplay, Yummy Tales 2 offers a ton of daily quests and challenges for you to complete. If you successfully complete these activities, you will be awarded with cash and alluring boosters that will help you advance through the more challenging stages.

Last but not least, Yummy Tales 2 combines the childlike delight of match-3 puzzles with the fun of animal games for youngsters. Young and elderly players will be enchanted by this wonderful concoction of entertainment and difficulty. Get started on this delectable trip right away for nothing if you have been putting it off.

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