Toon Cup 2021

Football has returned and is more popular than ever! Play the 100% free football game, Toon Cup 2021! Have fun selecting your favorite Cartoon Network characters, such as Apple from Apple & Onion, Grizz from We Bare Bears, and Darwin from The Amazing World of Gumball. In the largest Toon Cup Tournament ever, hone your talents, cooperate with your squad, and score goals to climb the leaderboard. has many games; choose one and have fun! FORM A TEAM By carefully choosing individuals based on their stats and abilities, you may create an invincible squad. Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go, Elliott and Mo from Elliott from Earth, and Jessica from Craig of the Creek are all newcomers to the Toon Cup this year. There are several character options, including: DC Super Hero Girls' Batgirl and Wonder Woman Craig of the Creek's Kelsey and Craig From Ben 10, four arms and XLR8 Teen Titans Go!'s Cyborg and Raven Apple & Onion's "Apple & Onion" Adventure Time's Jake and Finn The Amazing World of Gumball characters Darwin and Anais Power Puff Girls characters Blossom and Bubbles Ice Bear and Panda from We Bare Bears. Mao's Badgerclops Heroes of the Pure Heart, Mao SELECT YOUR NATION Choose from a list of nations from across the world to fight in the Toon Cup championship for a chance to win football's top prize! To gain points and compete for the top spot on the football scoreboard, play games and score goals. SCORING GOALS Scoring goals while protecting your own goal is the purpose of the game. Don't be deceived, scoring might not be as easy as it appears with the brutal goalkeeper on the other team! To increase your chances of winning, tackle, dribble, pass, and shoot! Watch out for the spectacular power-ups that appear during the game as well; they might help your team members or, if your opponent obtains them, hinder them. A Super Speed and a Banana Slip are only two of the many power-ups you find. ANIMATION LEAGUES Discover Toon Leagues, a brand-new game mode. Make a team, then compete with Super Squads! Win games to accumulate points and finish the various Leagues! Are you able to win every League's magnificent trophy? Unlock characters, stadiums, and footballs. You may select from a ton of fantastic unlockables, like stat enhancements, stadiums with themes and lots of footballs! Aside from that, you can also unlock unique characters like the newest Elliott from Elliott From Earth! FINISH DAILY TROUBLES You'll need additional cash because there are so many unlockables to pick from. To win coins, complete the daily tasks. has many games; choose one and have fun!

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