Idle Farming Business

Attention all farming enthusiasts and tycoon gamers! If you're a fan of idle games, clicker games, or tap games, then prepare to be captivated by the extraordinary world of Idle Farming Business. This game redefines the genre by seamlessly blending farm management with casual gameplay, offering a truly innovative and immersive experience.

How to play

In Idle Farming Business, your entrepreneurial aspirations will take root and flourish as you dive headfirst into the verdant pastures of farm ownership. But this game is so much more than just planting crops—it's about building a prosperous empire! As a rising star in the realm of management and tycoon games, Idle Farming Business empowers you to acquire land plots, cultivate and upgrade crops, orchestrate sales, and witness your profits skyrocket


  • Become an agribusiness tycoon with this game by growing crops and selling them
  • Start farming by Buying new plots of land, planting crops, harvesting and selling them for profit
  • Upgrade crops to increase productivity
  • Activate boosts like Sunny and Rainy
  • Unlock new plots of land with unique crops


Use the left mouse button to collect coins from the plants and also to interact with the in-game buttons.

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