Candy Clicker

A Delectable Adventure in the World of Sweet Delights

Indulge your senses and embark on a unique and captivating journey with Candy Clicker, an enchanting clicker game that immerses you in a world filled with delicious treats. Prepare yourself for a delightful experience as you click your way to candy-filled bliss, unlocking mouthwatering upgrades along the way.

How to Play

In this whimsical confectionery universe, your mission is simple: click to devour delectable candies. With each click, you'll earn precious coins that can be used to unlock a wide array of exciting upgrades. As you progress, you'll also have the opportunity to hire a team of dedicated employees who will assist you in collecting even more candy.


  • Click to eat more candy
  • Fun game with delicious food
  • Click to eat candy and buy new upgrades
  • Click on more and more sweets
  • Earn money to buy upgrades and hire new employees to collect candy


Left-click to interact.

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